Purpose(s) of Visit to COTF

1. To learn how ICT is "integrated" into learning spaces in a seamless way
2. To generate ideas for SST's campus

Objective(s) of Activity

1. To upload images (and video clips, if any) to an online media depository platform (e.g. PICASA)
2. To share good ideas collectively as a team (via a Group Blog) [Revision]


Part 1
1. Take photos during the trip.
2. Upload the photos (no less than 5) into an online media depository platform (e.g. PICASA)

Part 2
1. Login to your blogger account
2. Select this blog* "PD-ICT for Key Personnel (#5)"
3. Submit a new post. In your post,
(a) Insert at least 1 photo that shows a technology that you think is relevant to the SST context
(b) Describe briefly how the technology can be adapted/adopted in the learning spaces or integrated into your subject T&L
(c) Share your photo collection by embedding your photo album into the post.

*You have been invited as a co-author to this activity blog

Complete this activity by 29 March 2009 (Sunday).

COTF - cool!

1st picture: The screens are multi-modal and teachers can monitor the interfaces on their students' desks with their own UMPC. The discussion on the desks can also be projected to the screen for all in class to view. A very engaging and effective use of ICT!!

2nd picture: This shows how video-conferencing allows for the discussion of school work and collaboration on projects to take place even after school. This is truly a virtual learning environment which is the world that digital natives of today belong. The screens are interactive and students can even play a Physics-related game together, in the comfort of their homes. Learning is no longer fixated nor rigid.

3rd picture: What I really like about this setting is how up to 4 screens can be projected at the same time. There will aplenty opportunities for students to discuss each other's ideas and compare notes, even in a big group. This is especially useful for lessons that require debates and brainstorming.

In Geography, maps can also be portrayed in 3D format, showing how certain geographical processes like landforms are carried out.

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